Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bucket listing in Paris

In the last couple days I did some hardcore, last minute, bucket listing. I went to the Bob Dylan expo at the museum of music (And ran through the rest of the 5 floors of the museum in under 10 minutes 'cause it was closing. Holy stairs.) and the Musee Marmotton (AH! Monet! Tears.) one day. Another day I did Saint Chapelle and the Conciergie with Emily. No photos from the first day cause both the Marmotton and the expo were camera free zones. But luckily for you, the centuries old stuffs were not! Photos!

Conciergie! Empty... crazy! Got in for free with my IYTCard and Visa, should have gotten the combo ticket with Saint Chapelle cause they were not as nice.

Weird displays to show what it was like. Mostly just weird.

Marie Antoinette's memorial thing with her last will and testament on it or something...

Directly ourside Marie's reconstructed cell situation.


Saint Chapelle!

Inside first floor. "Yea, it's pretty. Not prettier than Notre Dame though."

Upstairs. Jaw, meet floor. "... ... ..."

On the terrace of the top floor, looking in.

BAH! Mind = blown. Then we wandered over to a little cafe directly across the street from Notre Dame for a Diabolo Menthe and Grenadine (Thank you Michel for introducing us to these drinks!).

I meant to take a picture before we finished but...

Then a bunch of days went by, including an amazing trip to Euro Disneyland! I don't have photos because I didn't want to have to protect my camera on rides. Good thing, too. Space Mountain 2 is a lot more intense than the original Space Mountain. When it was over I was laughing so hard I could hardly stand. There are a lot of rides with countdowns that are super intimidating when you only realize that is what is happening at, "1!", because it's in french. "1" "Oh my g---" *Something very intense and fast happens*. We didn't get to any Alice in Wonderland rides, which makes me quite sad. But we did get on all the super intense ones. I will never get over how truly magical Disneyland is. It really feels like a magical place! Like, on the Crush rollercoaster I was gobsmacked by how beautiful everything is. Let alone how freakin fun it all was. Aw... must move to somewhere with a Disneyland.

One last item on my bucket list: I hadn't tried a religieuse pastry yet, because I didn't know how to pronounce it and I was embarassed. I figured I'll never have this opportunity again so I bit the bullet and OMG SO WORTH IT! The other two things are Flan Nature's which were my breakfast yesterday and today... dessert is breakfast... right?

SO PRETTY! Its about the size of your heart and it's full of chocolate pastry cream, like the eclairs. But like... gallons of it. Overflowing. I had to take a breather. I still didn't photograph the inside though because... well... I was distracted.

Anyways! This is my last time I'll have internet for sure, and likely the last time I'll have my laptop for blogging. I tried downloading the Blogger app, so we will see if that is for browsing alone, or also writing! Finger's crossed! Where am I off to? Well, we've booked hostels in Florence, Rome and Naples for the next two weeks and then we are headed east to Greece for a week or so. Then... up north for some Netherlands and the Red Hot Chili Peppers for me. Emily is doing some traveling of her own then, while Bradon and I head to Austria for a music festival (Tent villiage!) and then south again for a mediterranean 20 days of the Cinque Terra and Nice and all the way through to Barcelona! AMAZING! After that? August should move north again and hopefully hit up Switzerland, Germany and Sweden for a quick drive-through tourist extravaganza. Then a last week and a bit in Paris till I head back home for September. WOO! Wish me luck! Bisous and au revoir!

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