Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Chocolate Chronicles

So... as you might know, I had a quest while backpacking to try Hot Chocolate in every country I visited. This happened because Paris blew my mind with the best Chocolate Chaud of my life. So here are the Cups, in order.

Paris, France (Patisserie Viennoise)

I had hot chocolate in Groningen, Netherlands (Coffee Company) but it was so awful I didn't finish it or take a picture.

Rome, Italy (Tiny little Cafe in the SW in the 'old town')

Mykonos, Greece (Ok, so it's not Chocolate... but it's the "it's-effing-hot-here" equivalent!)

Berlin, Germany (Adele's Cafe)

Vienna, Austria (Demel Bakery, I think?)

Madrid, Spain (San Gines, I think!)

Lausanne, Switzerland (Poor Choice of Cafe)

Ljubljana, Slovenia (Zvezda)

Zagreb, Croatia (Cookie Factory, SO GOOD.)

Budapest, Hungary (Central Kavehaz)

Bratislava, Slovakia (Castle Restaurant)

Prague, Czech Republic (Choco Cafe) ***BEST PLACE ON EARTH***

And that's all the countries I visited! So in Greece I may not have REALLY gotten hot chocolate, but it was 41 degrees celsius, I wasn't thinking about hot beverages. I don't think anyone would have made one for me! And in Ljubljana, I admit that is a Nutella Cappuccino .. but how do you NOT get that when it's offered? Come on. And for the record, most of the countries I had one cup in every CITY, but for consistency's sake, we wil pretend I just had the one per country.
So there you are, the reason I didn't come back skinny :)

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