Monday, 18 June 2012

Update: I am indeed alive!

So what has this last month been like? Well, Italy was amazing. We went to Florence for four days, Rome for three, Naples for two, Bari for one. We took an overnight train to Florence which was truly awful, Florence men left us unimpressed with Italian men but we are now equipped of stories of men who braid your hair as a flirtation technique, etc. We got free champagne and I got taught to latin dance by the club owner so it was good fun despite the many disasters. Rome was amazing. The ruins blew my mind. The fact a city can we built around ruins that so casually sitting there stuns me! The food was much better in Rome, Florence food was terrible where we went. I think I need a redo of Florence because so many people said it was their favorite. Seeing the statue of David and the famous Bottecelli's did make up for it, though. We had a couple great party nights in Rome and met a lot of cool people! I had the best hot chocolate yet there! We saw all the major sites in Rome in two jam packed days and managed to survive a pretty wicked hangover with an eleven am lock out at our hostel. Naples was dirty but fun. I ate a lot of famous pizza and we went to Sorrento and Pompeii. No Capri though :(! Pompeii was pretty sobering and imposing. So glad we made the trip! When we left for Bari I left some stuff at the hostel by accident, so my bag is a little lighter. Good thing, though, cause I need more space in my bag! We went to Bari for one night and spent the night playing with the sand on a beautiful beach and then slept in this weird hostel set up like an apartment. Next day we took an overnight ferry to Patras. We got there after waiting eight extra hours just to get on the ferry cause we mistook the ferry times as leaving earlier. We met calgarians on the 16 hour boat trip who went to the fine arts high school of our city and had seen me perform before! Small world. In Athens we had a great hostel that was basically a little resort in itself. We stayed four nights since we lost a day arriving super late from Patras. Our last day ended up being a lot of travel planning and chilling in our hostel and meeting our new roomies. In Athens we ate like queens but it was so wonderful to finally have vegetables! We met plenty of cool people. Leaving Athens at 5:45 am was hard. Not just because of the hour, but also because we had fallen in love with the city! Now we are in our last day on Santorini. We picked a hostel at the tourist services at the port and it is ten euro a night for "two bed dorm", aka a private room. The place had a pool and a bar -- all we need! The bar has milkshakes. Sold. We spent the first night wandering our little town, Perissa, and going to the pool bar. Yesterday we took an atv around the island to the red beach and fira! Today, fira for real and the black beach. Later this week, Mykonos for four nights where I fly out of to Berlin on the 24th. Alone! Alone in Berlin for five days so excited!! Oh yea I should mention that the 'riots in Athens' are not what you see on tv. The one square that demonstrations happen in was tranquil when we went by and our guide from the hostel said its really blown out of proportion and it's really marble vandalism and orange throwing most of the time! We saw all the major sites in Athens in one day and we went to il Trovatore (something like that) a famous opera. It was in this old old old theatre off the acropolis and there were English and Greek subtitles on screens to the side. It was pretty incredible. I think I like operas. Anyways! Gotta mosey! I shall try and make this a regular thing again but ... No promises!!!!!!

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