Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lapin Le Film: 6 Months Later

Dear Blogesphere --

So, it's been six months I've been back from Europe. Meaning, I've been back the same amount of time I was away. I sucked at updating my blog once I was back in C-Town. Why is that? Because I've been straight-up working my TUSH OFF getting my career back on track, post-hiatus. My first feature film, Love me, recently came out. I've been working on auditions for next year's film and theatre seasons. I'm writing a screenplay, working at a chiro clinic and remembering to buy groceries. BUT my biggest adventure is a brand new project Rabbit, which is part of the Cinecoup Film Accelerator.

The Accelerator is, as said on the CineCoup site, "a disruptive model for indie filmmakers to develop, market and finance their feature films." The final ten films are optioned for development, and the #1 film to make it to the end of the Accelerator gets a million dollars to make their film. I know, it's incredible -- and so intimidating. 

I'm an actress. In the trailer for Rabbit I play Amanda. Hopefully, once the film has funding to become a feature length — funded through Cinecoup or elsewhere — I’ll have a shot at auditioning for Amanda again, but right now my role has shifted to more behind-the-scenes work. 

I could tell you more, but our first Video Mission for the Accelerator was to create a video to pitch our project so... how about I give you that?

Here is the link: http://cinecoup.com/rabbit/the-pitch From there our project page is accessible, as are the other 89 talented film teams'.


You can follow along with my progress in a number of ways, but the most beneficial is becoming a 'Fan' on the CineCoup site, watching films, and completing fan missions. This provides you with voting power for when the time comes to select which films continue to the next stage. 


1. Visit the project page and become a CineCoup fan. (It's best to login with Facebook- it helps you earn votes!)
2. 'Watchlist' my project. (This is like subscribing. It allows you to receive updates.)
3. Rate and review my project, as well as others. 
4. Share and promote my CineCoup project URL. Found on the project page or you can 
     use this link - http://cinecoup.com/rabbit
5. Like and share the Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter @rabbitthemovie

Au revoir, and thank you for keeping in touch.

A bientot!

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